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Meet The Divine Angels

"Agatha is an excellent ‘Dream Teacher’ or you can also call her a ‘Life Coach’. I myself wasn’t initially sure what to expect going in the session. But her innovative technique of guiding you through the process definitely gives you the space to look within and come you with those “WOW” moments. She is so patient and ensures to impact one’s life. She is so motivating, positive, full of energy, unstoppable, and full of abundance.

The best thing that I have learned from her is that when you concentrate and pen down the “WHY” ? half of your problems gets solved within fraction of time. It really does.

I know that one day even I will be a ‘Dream Manifestor” just like her and therefore I highly recommend her coaching to you. "

" I would like to share my experience on the manifestation of dreams. To be Frank from childhood I do not have much interest in sessions, so at first I was really not interested. Although Mrs. Agatha Sushila Dias used to give good sessions, I used to have that feeling, that do I even need this session? 

After October month when I shifted to Pune, that's when I realized how important the session was. I didn't know anyone here, I was all on my own, at that moment I opened my book of manifestation classes and started reading all that I wrote. I didn't even imagine that I would have opened this book again.  I had never thought that I would have suggested anyone for manifestation of dreams. But now when I am with my colleagues, I usually share with them about this beautiful journey."

Savina Pinto

Pooja Gupta

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The first time I heard the word Manifestation I was "?", like what is this.  When I attended my first class of Manifestation Of Dreams, I didn't understand much. The only thing I understood was how to control your thought process and always write down your thoughts before studying or working because your mind gets empty and you focus on your work.  Later on I started getting interested in Manifestation Of Dreams. My coach Mrs. Agatha Sushila Anthony Dias is the best Life Coach. She has changed my life completely. I would really recommend you to choose her, If you really want to change your life, the way I have changed.

Jeenat Shaikh

“I remember the first time I had my Manifestation Class, I was fully blank and I really did not understand what was going on. Later after researching on what is Manifestation Of Dreams, I got to know a little more about it. My second class was good as I was aware of what was going on. During my whole class I really learnt and have practiced many things. I have started attracting things with Law Of Attraction, I have now become a peaceful person due to Meditation. Mrs. Agatha Sushila Anthony Dias does not only teach about Manifestation, but she also teaches many things like Pranic Healing, Chakras and many more. Do join her class, as the fees amount goes to her charity Amcha Ghar.”

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